Entry #3


2014-06-12 16:58:22 by telite2

I've been off the site for a long time, but I haven't stopped drawing! Juggling all of these different social media sites has gotten so overwhelming to a point where I stopped pretty much all together. I want to get back into it though and hopefully become more regular on the site again. Just posted a new picture so please check it out! 


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2014-06-12 18:04:36

More then just checking imma also but creeping around !

telite2 responds:

Thanks man! I appreciate it :)


2014-06-12 19:14:13

Awww C: you're awesome bae
Love you so much boo dont let them get to you always stay true to your dreams <3

telite2 responds:

I will follow my dreams thnx <333